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    6 steps to getting powerful customer testimonials.

    "Great." "Would recommend." "Happy with purchase." Do those types of reviews sound familiar?

    Jun 30 2020
    Webinar: Optimizing ecommerce conversion.

    In these uncertain times, there has been a dramatic acceleration from physical to digital. As a leader in the digital space, PayPal can help you capture online sales and reduce cart abandonment by implementing a few simple best practices.

    Jun 25 2020
    11 ways to help speed up the collection of payments.

    Trouble with collecting payments, also known as delayed receivables, is a common challenge for business owners. When clients don’t pay for goods and services in a timely manner, your business may struggle. A lack of cash flow makes it difficult to pay employees, buy more inventory, and invest back into the business.

    Jun 23 2020
    Webinar: Get paid in new ways, online and offline.

    You’re probably?adapting to new ways of selling?these days.?PayPal can?help you get up-and-running quickly?with the right tools to get paid now.??Whether you need to start taking payments through a website, email, social media, or you want a touch-free way to charge customers in-person, we can help.??Learn how to?quickly set?up your?business to?accept online and offline payments.?

    Jun 18 2020
    A reopening checklist for independent restaurants and bars.

    As restaurants re-open, there will be key foundational tasks they’ll need to do to make sure re-opening goes smoothly. At Oyster Sunday, we’ve created a comprehensive playbook for you to do just that. We provide a checklist of all the items you need to cover from finance and accounting, to operations and HR, to marketing, communications, and technology, to compliance, insurance, and facilities.

    Jun 18 2020
    Winning at mobile commerce in 8 steps.

    If you want to win at business (and who doesn’t?) you have to win at mobile commerce.?To find some winning strategies, we looked at hundreds of merchants in North America, Asia, Europe and Latin America. We examined what they’re doing to boost their RPV (Revenue per Visitor.) And while every business is different, the steps below—which have helped others—might help you, too.

    Jun 18 2020
    Why are your funds unavailable or on hold? And what can you do about it?

    Most businesses will experience a time when their funds become unavailable, also known as a payment hold.

    Jun 18 2020
    A quick guide to popular invoice payment terms.

    An invoice is a confirmation that a service has been performed or a product was shipped. People can say that invoices are confirmations or receipts, but let's not kid ourselves: most of my clients invoice their customers because they want to get paid - which is why you have to include payment terms on every invoice.

    Jun 12 2020
    Reopening retail: Your 10-step plan to welcoming customers back.

    Across the country, brick-and-mortar business owners like you are eager to open their doors again. But right now, there's likely one question on your mind:?How do I help my customers feel safe enough to shop with me again??

    Jun 10 2020

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